Since she was a child, Julie Coleman has spent her time playing with sewing machines. She received a degree in Health Sciences from Korea University, but was still constantly drawn to design and crafts. Julie decided to follow her passion and became a certified technician in tailoring while still in Korea. She began working as a fashion designer, making wedding dresses but eventually, Julie found her passion in home interior design. She began her first business in 1984. 


"I still remember my first customer who asked me to design a sofa cover. The customer was so satisfied with my work that she compensated me enough to buy an entire sofa! From that point on, I was confident that I could make it in this field." -Julie Coleman


Once large retail stores arrived in Korea, Julie began to supply apparel and curtains to several companies. When the financial crisis hit Korea in the late 90s, she began to focus on going on roadshows and on high-end curtain designs for home, hotels and businesses. Once Julie came to America, she began a new business in Northern Virginia and D.C. working with various single-family homes and offices designing curtains and other home decorations. Julie continued working exclusively with her clients once moving the Oxford, MS and opened the Design Gallery physical storefront in 2017. 


Through the years, Julie has gained experience working with major television studios in Korea (MBC, SBS), assisting in sets designs on multiple dramas and TV series. As well as experience providing custom photo screen and blind design for a restaurant franchise. Julie Coleman prides herself on never taking short cuts and always living up to her own high standards, striving to provide the highest quality of service from initial consultation to installation. She does not run her business simply to make profit, Julie feels like she has been given this talent from God for her to share this talent and love with others. 


"Through my work, I hope that others will feel true joy and love, and receive healing in their hearts. I believe that this is my ultimate calling, and I thank God for giving me this gift and the opportunity!" -Julie Coleman